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African Culinary Arts

Even if you're not familiar with African food, will teach you how create a variety of African dishes.

African cuisine is among the BEST cuisines  in the world.  It offers a boost of flavors, with dishes to please every palate.


Though there are similarities across the continent, each region has some of its own distinctive ingredients and popular recipes.

Africa is divided into 5 geographical regions – East, West, Central, North, and South. 


Enjoy learning about the cuisines of these regions and cooking recipes popular in each.

Experience the cuisine of West Africa by cooking Jollof Rice, a favorite at family dinners and parties.

A class for the serious enthusiast, this is a structured programme that is taken as a whole 8-class programme.

.Classes are for a duration of 4 hours, Wednesday and Friday for 1month.

Thieboudienne- Senegalese Jollof Rice
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