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You love to bake. You love to cook. Shouldn’t you do what you love to do? Now is the time to live your passion. Gain the essential knowledge and foundational skills that a strong culinary education demands: classic fundamentals of cooking and baking, history and influences of the world’s greatest cuisines, techniques for mastering common and exotic ingredients, and more. We offer four programs in culinary arts and pastry arts that allow you to choose the track best suited to your culinary goals and aspirations. Is today the day? The only missing ingredient…is YOU!

About US

Do you dream of a career in food… as a master chef, restaurant/bakery owner, or creator of a signature cuisine? Come learn your craft at Crumbles Chef Academy Number 1 Culinary School in Nigeria. 


we develop and nurture a chef’s mindset in every CCA student and graduate—fulfilled, influential professionals who understand the importance of taste in leading.

We prepare students for careers in the culinary arts, working in our state of the art  kitchen and bakery under the guidance of seasoned chefs.



Our Amatuer certificate program is an ideal stepping stone for those who want to change careers, start a small business, or complement their current work experience with foundational professional cooking skills.



Whether you are looking to gain more confidence in the kitchen or are keen to add to your existing skills, this intensive one day cookery course is for you. you will gain techniques, tips and ideas that will continue to inspire your cooking in the future.





The Professional Chef’s Program (PCP) delves deep into the science and art of international cooking and pastry techniques. The program is composed of courses in basic techniques, baking, regional cuisines, and intensive classical French techniques. As a graduate of the CCA Professional Chef’s Program, you will be prepared for positions such as line cook, sous chef, caterer, personal chef, and CCA recreational instructor. Many graduates have gone on to quickly launch successful ventures of their own including restaurants, food delivery services, and specialty food shop


In our Mini Master Chef Programme, young chefs learn a range of basic and advanced skills, alongside etiquette and hygiene in a fun and friendly environment.

With More Than 16 Years of Experience

We got, what it takes to bring out the creativity in you

Where Tradition Is Always Cooking

For over 16 years, Crumbles Chef Academy has fostered culinary passion and expertise in an intimate and nurturing environment. Our alumni continue to find great success across Nigeria and beyound. Today, we offer you the opportunity to join the Crumbles Chef Academy family and launch your culinary future.

Crumbles Chef Academy is an iconic Nigerian landmark, and for over 16 years has been highly acclaimed among the nation’s premier culinary schools. Here, students gain the essential knowledge and foundational skills a great culinary education demands – classic fundamentals of cooking and baking, history and influences of the world’s greatest cuisines, techniques for mastering common and exotic ingredients, and more.

More Than A Culinary School
As a
Crumbles Chef Academy student, your education and experiences will take you far beyond just learning the basics. And because of the school’s prime location, you’ll have the opportunity to explore exciting culinary trends while participating in events taking place in the bustling areas. We strive to create a life-changing experience, and expect your confidence to soar as we illuminate your culinary path and ultimately showcase what makes you, you.

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