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Pastry Arts Diploma

Baking is an entirely new world that encompasses a whole set of new principles, techniques and methods. Baking can often be referred to as the chemistry of cooking. Our baking classes is designed to give you the best knowledge to apply both at home and professional.

Develop superior pastry baking prowess under the tutelage of our seasoned Pastry Chef instructor. Studying in our real life bakery facility, where you will learn the science behind baking and begin developing your creative design capabilities. 


As our baking and pastry student you will become well versed in the realms of food safety, cost control, and kitchen discipline. We equip our graduates with real-world skills so they can own and manage their own business as a baker or pastry designer. 


Our Bakery boast large, industrial-scale equipment so you can understand mass production in addition to hands-on design. Through a blend of kitchen time and classroom instruction you can gain the necessary skills and confidence to succeed


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